How much is a membership

$125 per rider

What class should I sign up for

TVR'S class structure is heavily based around skill, we also have secondary classes for riders to get more track time

Big track classes

  • 65 A

  • small wheel Beg

  • small wheel B

  • Small wheel A

  • Mx Beg

  • Mx D

  • Mx C

  • Mx B

  • Mx A

  • Vet Beg

  • Vet C

  • Vet B

  • Vet A

  • Ladies B

  • Ladies A

Seconary classes

Classes ( Eligible riders)

  • supermini (Small wheel A, Small wheel B, 65 A)

  • 125 2 stroke (2 strokes 100cc-150cc)

  • youth (Mx beg, Mx D, Mx C)

  • GP (Mx A, Mx B, Vet A, Vet B)

  • Vet Open ( Vet A, B ,C , Beg, Ladies)


  • Tyke Orientation

  • Tyke Beg

  • Tyke B

  • Tyke A

  • 65 Beg

  • 65 B

Do I have to have a MYLAPS transponder to race?

In order to be scored you must have an activated Mylaps transponder for the Big Track. Small Track riders do not require a transponder. Every Rider should also have visible numbers on there 3 sides of there bike.


Riders meeting starts over the radio at 8:45

Practice starts at 9:00 am

What do the different flags me

Yellow – caution, no passing, no jumping

White - last lap

Black - there is a problem with you or

your bike pull over and see referee

Red Cross - A Rider is down, no jumping, slow down, no passing

Red - the race is stopped, return to the start line for further instructions

Tvr 2022 Rule book

TVR-Rules- 2022 revision final.docx