Thames Valley Riders (TVR) is a southwestern Ontario based Motocross club. TVR is a non-profit organization owned and run by it's members with the purpose of racing motocross for fun in a safe and friendly environment.

Thames Valley Riders (TVR) Core Values

  1. Family Environment

    1. A place to bring your kids to race or watch.

    2. Relaxed atmosphere.

    3. Everyone welcomed.

    4. Family activities (freezie or pizza days, draws, contests).

  2. Safe

    1. All reasonable safety concerns are addressed: track in good shape, adequate flaggers, EMS coverage, and attentive crew.

    2. Safety rules enforced (helmets, no impaired riders, bikes in good shape, etc).

    3. Problem members are dealt with.

  3. Skill based competition classes.

    1. You race against others with similar abilities or experience.

    2. Sufficient classes to accommodate all skill levels.

    3. Classes are not too crowded.

    4. Beginners always welcomed and encouraged.

  4. Economical

    1. Costs are kept as low as reasonably possible.

    2. Work with sponsors to bring extra value to the members.

    3. All proceeds over expenses reinvested in the club.

  5. Relaxed schedule

    1. No early mornings.

    2. Finish in time for dinner

  6. Open and responsive management and executive:

    1. The people running TVR listen to the members concerns and try to accommodate their concerns.

    2. Inform members of club direction and policies.

    3. Be fair to members.

    4. Provide ways for members to get involved in club operations.

  7. Quality racing experience.

    1. Stick to schedule when possible.

    2. Good scorekeeping; results are clear and correct, timely reporting.

    3. Fair starts.

    4. Good flagging.

    5. Responsive and attentive refereeing.

  8. Quality tracks.

    1. TVR works with track owners to ensure a safe but challenging race.

    2. TVR may help out track owners to improve and develop tracks.

  9. Local tracks.

    1. Members don’t have to drive long distances to race.

    2. TVR works with local track operators and governments to ensure local tracks stay open.

  10. Support Motocross in the area.

    1. Promote sponsors.

    2. Work with government and citizens to resolve Motocross related issues.

    3. Promote the sport.

    4. Stimulate local economies; allow local merchants to get involved, buy TVR equipment from local suppliers, and hire local labour.