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Season is from 3/1/2014 12:00:00 AM to 2/28/2015 11:59:59 PM. No Events Scheduled.

Welcome to the new TVR Website.

This is the new home for the Thames Valley Riders Website. It has been rebuilt from the gound up but I tried to preserve as much data as possible from the old site.

Some user names had to be converted to be compatible with the new authorization system, but now you can use your account e-mail address to login as well. This is how your usre name may have been changed:

  • spaces and single quotes were removed.
  • @, /, and # symbols were replaced with underscores (_).

If the account owner did not have an e-mail address, then no account could be created. However, your profile data should still be on the site. If you try to create a new account and use the exact first and last names, and birth date as before the system will try to reconnect you with your profile.

AGM and transponders

Transponders will be available to purchase tomorrow after the AGM.


We're Moving...


Dear Thames Valley Riders member;


Would you race the same bike for 15 years? Probably not. Well after 15 years, it’s time to retire the old TVR Website. This year we will be moving to a new Web site built on the latest Web technologies to serve you better. The new site will be (mostly) ready for the next season which starts March 1 2015. As part of this move there will be a one-time data transfer on February 1st to move over what data we can.


The new site will be using a new authentication and authorization system which may require some changes to your account. These may affect you, so please update your account BEFORE the transfer to make sure all your data and race results are available on the new site. Please make sure:


  • The owner of the account has a valid e-mail address.

  • The owner of the account is a parent or guardian over 18 years old if your account has any minor family members. This will affect how waivers are generated.

  • There are new restrictions on usernames, so you may have to change your user name to:

    • Only include only contain letters, digits, spaces, periods, dashes or underscores (@, /, or @ characters).

    • Begin or end only with a letter or digit.

  • There will only be one account per owner e-mail. If you have duplicate accounts on the current system, only one will be imported.

  • Your first name, last name and birth date are accurate.

  • Please also ensure that your member and contact details are accurate.

  • You remove your existing account if you don’t want to be a part of the club any more.

  • You contact me or Judy if you need help.


On the new site you will be able to log in with either your e-mail address or your user name.


Thank you;


John Dubois, Webmaster.

Detroit Supercross

Mark Perrin of Walton Raceway has offered us this deal:

For Detroit SX, we have a few options: A bus holds 56 people and can leave from London to Detroit and back on Saturday March 21. It can leave at 10 or 11am to make it there for practice and then home after the race. If the bus is filled it would be $90 a person and that includes a gold level ($50 US Ticket) or $70 a person and that would include a silver level ($30 US) Ticket. Both options include a discount on tickets and the fees, as well as the busing.

If enough of you are interested to fill a bus(or 2) we will go ahead with it. Reply to:  ASAP. Remember everybody will need a passport to cross the border and if you get turned away at the border the bus goes ahead without you.