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Gopher 5/3/15
2015-05-03 08:00:00
Gopher Dunes

2015 TVR Spring series opener.

TVR Spring '15
Season is from 3/1/2015 12:00:00 AM to 3/1/2016 12:00:00 AM.

Bug fix...

Earl Anderson helped me identify and fix a bug that prevented some users from adding family members. The people affected were accounts where I had to rearrange  the parent child relationship and move the web account. This didn't affect many people, but it is now working thanks to the efforts of Earl. If you were having this problem, please try now and let me know if you still have a problem.

TVR Practice Day at Swiona MX Park

This weekend TVR will be at Swiona MX Park to collect Memberships and will have transponders for sale.  Remember....Mylaps Transponders are mandatory for scoring on the Big Track.  $100 gets your transponder and 1 year activation.  Keep in mind, the Mylaps Flex transponder must be charged and activated on line prior to use.  I will set up on Saturday and Sunday(12-4pm), weather permitting.  See you there


The promotion committee has posted the fall promotions.  Please go to the Forums Menu, in the Members section to view the Fall Promotions. thanks

Minor Waivers

Please note that if you print your waivers from your Family Members page you will now get the new Minor Waiver for any minor members, already filled out for your convenience.

Since the minor waiver requires both parents to sign, the site will take the oldest person in the account who is not the owner as the second parent. So if you add the second parent as a member, your waiver will automatically be filled out correctly.


Press Release - Team Green Program

Great news from Inglis Cycle, Official Team Green Dealer:

Canadian Kawasaki Team Green Amateur Race Program

Login Problems?

If you are having problems logging in, please see FAQ 28.

Press Release:

This just in from Inglis Cycle and DP Brakes:

2015 Race Award Program and Racer Support

Press Release



Membership Dues

Your membership dues are calculated based on which family members are Registered to race. If you do not register a family member no fees will be assessed for them and they will not be members, so register ALL members that will be racing before submitting your dues. Note that un-registered members will not get a membership card or be able to sign-in at races.


Your account now shows your history of payments, and you may see payments from last season. These are not credits against this year, just a record of your payments.

Accessing your data on the new website

If you did not have your TVR account set up correctly on the old website, you may have problems getting on here. In order to have an account on the new site you needed to have a valid username and e-mail on the old site (news articles and notices were sent out).
As much user data as possible was transferred to the new site, so your profile and scores should still be there. To preserve what accounts I could, I tried to fix errant accounts as follows:
This is how your user name may have been changed:
• spaces and single quotes were removed.
• @, /, and # symbols were replaced with underscores (_).

You can try adjusting your username and see if that works. Also, you can log in using your email address instead of your username.
If the account owner did not have a valid e-mail address, then no account could be created. Your user profile should still be available. To reconnect you need to create a website account. If you create a new account and you use the same first and last name, and birthdate of your profile, then you can reconnect to your existing profile.
Some things to note:
• Usernames must be unique. There can’t be two users with the same name.
• Email addresses must be unique for accounts. No two accounts can use the same e-mail.
• Each web account can manage a family with multiple family members.
• The account owner must be someone over 18 for filling out the waiver, even if they are not racing.

There is a time limit on how long the "confirmation email" is good for. So once you sign up, be ready to click the validation link in the verification email. If your confirmation times out, just create a new one with the Reset Password function.

I see that a lot of people have gotten in successfully and some have associated new accounts successfully.
Please make sure your information is correct when you get in.