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Season is from 3/1/2015 12:00:00 AM to 2/29/2016 11:59:59 PM.
Spring '15 #1
2015-05-03 08:00:00
Gopher Dunes
TVR Spring '15

Invalid e-mail addresses

During our testing of the new website we have encountered several members with invalid or non-existant e-mail addresses. I will be removing these addresses from the system and/or removing accounts with these addresses.

Account and pasword change issues.

I have seen a few members that have had problems verifying their account or changing their passwords. The site will send you a confirmation e-mail for these actions but if you don't receive it then you might have an incorrect email address in your account. I have seen several bounced confirmation email so far. If you don't receive a confirmation request, then please contact me and I'll correct your email address. Please chedk your "junk mail" folder to see it has any mail from [email protected].

Also please note that the confirmation requests times out after 20 minutes, so if you don't respond to them promptly you will get an "invalid key" error. Just initiate a new "password reset" request to generate a new key.

Detroit Supercross

Due to insufficient interest, we will not be taking advantage of Walton Raceways Detroit Supercross bus and ticket discount offer.


Don't forget to enter your transponder number!

This new site will allow you to add your MyLaps transponder to your profile (you will have to add it for each registration where you plan to use it).

Judy can download your registration details from the site to TrackSide to simplify your sign it, so make it easier for everyone by getting your registraitons updated.

Maintenance Update

The website now features Meetings and Committees. This allows members to join committees or see what your committees are doing. All the board of directors' meeting minutes are now available.

Maintenance update

There is a new update to the website that fixes a bug where updating your account informaton may cause you to lose your membeship expiry date. If this has happened to you, please contact me and I will fix your account.

New with this update is the ability to add your picture to your profile. It will show up in the Members Details when people look you up.

Preregister now to keep your numbers.

All current registrations that have race results can now preregister those numbers for next season if you want to race the same number in the same class.

Who turned out the lights?

Some of you may have notice that TVRMX.COM went away for a bit there. It appears that there were some hickups when I cancelled the old hosting service and for a while the name TVRMX.COM was not being resolved.

Well, things seem to be working again now.

I took advantage of the down time to update the site. You now have a documents library with a bunch of goodies in it, including some old news letters. If there is anything missing from the library, please let me know.

You also have a nifty new feature that will link your TVR race results to the MyLaps results page. Simply click in the highlighted result in the Event schedule or race results and you will be taken directly to the MyLaps page with the results for that race (provide the scorekeeper enters the link). There are none there yet.

Accessing your data on the new website

If you did not have your TVR account set up correctly on the old website, you may have problems getting on here. In order to have an account on the new site you needed to have a valid username and e-mail on the old site (news articles and notices were sent out).
As much user data as possible was transferred to the new site, so your profile and scores should still be there. To preserve what accounts I could, I tried to fix errant accounts as follows:
This is how your user name may have been changed:
• spaces and single quotes were removed.
• @, /, and # symbols were replaced with underscores (_).

You can try adjusting your username and see if that works. Also, you can log in using your email address instead of your username.
If the account owner did not have a valid e-mail address, then no account could be created. Your user profile should still be available. To reconnect you need to create a website account. If you create a new account and you use the same first and last name, and birthdate of your profile, then you can reconnect to your existing profile.
Some things to note:
• Usernames must be unique. There can’t be two users with the same name.
• Email addresses must be unique for accounts. No two accounts can use the same e-mail.
• Each web account can manage a family with multiple family members.
• The account owner must be someone over 18 for filling out the waiver, even if they are not racing.

There is a time limit on how long the "confirmation email" is good for. So once you sign up, be ready to click the validation link in the verification email. If your confirmation times out, just create a new one with the Reset Password function.

I see that a lot of people have gotten in successfully and some have associated new accounts successfully.
Please make sure your information is correct when you get in.

Discussion forums now available.

Dear TVR members;

You are mute no more! There is now a discussions froum feature available on the TVR Web site that hosts threaded discussions on various topics. Chedk out the Forum area when you get a chance.

TVRMX.COM has moved

I have redirected our domain name to this site now. Please let me know if there are any issues with the site.

This is the new new site...

This is on a new hosting server and hopefully it won't have the problems that Azure had...

Welcome to the new TVR Website.

This is the new home for the Thames Valley Riders Website. It has been rebuilt from the gound up but I tried to preserve as much data as possible from the old site.

Some user names had to be converted to be compatible with the new authorization system, but now you can use your account e-mail address to login as well. This is how your user name may have been changed:

  • spaces and single quotes were removed.
  • @, /, and # symbols were replaced with underscores (_).

If the account owner did not have an e-mail address, then no account could be created. However, your profile data should still be on the site. If you try to create a new account and use the exact first and last names, and birth date as before the system will try to reconnect you with your profile.