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TVR Year End Banquet

TVR Year End Banquet
Saturday November 14, 2015
Doors Open at 5:30pm
Dinner is served at 6:30pm
at the Greek Canadian Club on Sarnia Road in London.


Tickets MUST be pre-purchased. There will be no tickets available at the door.


Tickets are available at Xtreme Toys in London, through Judy Burch in Strathroy, or through Jackie Verhoeven near Thamesford.



People have asked me about a dress code..... There is no specific dress code, but casual business attire is most common.


See you all there!

TVR Sportsman Award

"The summer is going fast and we're already well into the Summer TVR Series. As was mentioned at the 2014 banquet we have a new award for the most Sportsman-Like TVR Member sponsored by Jim and Wendy Thomas of Limited Budget Recreation. They started this award in appreciation of the family type atmosphere that TVR promotes with skills based racing and community style encouragement.
The best way to choose the most Sportsman-like member of the 2015 season is to have a vote. We want to capture the good deeds as the season goes along (so they are not forgotten) so email your votes to [email protected]. Every time you see or hear of someone helping a fellow member, riding in a responsible manner, or anything that add to the competitive but friendly spirit of TVR send in an email. 
Add detail as to why you are voting for that person so we can write the speech to introduce them at the Banquet for the 2015 season. Votes will be kept anonymous. If you can remember anything that happened in Spring Series email right away before its forgotten!! And if you live near Lucan and want to try out the Limited Budget Racing home track send me an email and I can put you in contact with Jim."

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This just in from Inglis Cycle and DP Brakes:

2015 Race Award Program and Racer Support

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