Gully Mor Raceday Schedule for July 2&3/16

8:00 am-9:30 am sign-in
9:30 am mandatory riders meeting
practice starts right after riders meeting
Tune your radio to 88.3 Chuk-fm for schedule
updates and more.

Check your scores...

For some reason, in some classes, the mulligans (best 6 races of 8 so lowest 2 race results removed) weren't removed for all riders. I believe that has been corrected. Now that it has been taken care of, the final positions may have changed . 

Walton June 25th Results

Walton June 26th Results

Ewald Rothmaier Spring Series Results

Please review your results and contact me if you have any questions: danverhoeven@tvrmx.com

Note that this series is scored the best of six event results. If you have raced more than 6 of the 8 events in this series your lowest results (the result points that show up red with an '*' ) will be dropped to give you your best 6 results of the 8 series race events.

Walton -June 5th Results

The classes that completed a moto got double points(triple points for small track) for the day. 

2016 KTM Contingency

KTM is offering support to TVR KTM riders for our summer series! To find out  all the details, check out:

2016 MX & AX KTM Contingency Program


2016 TVR Spring Newsletter

2016 TVR Schedule!!

The schedule has just been updated to include the AMO run Walton Trans-Can qualifiers. Check it, 27 events that your 2016 TVR membership card will get you into! That's insane you're thinking, how do get one of these awesome cards?......

Get one of these awesome cards here! Just a note, when picking your membership type, if you are single member pick 'member'. If you are getting a family membership pick 'family member 1' then 'family member 2' for the second family member 
and so on. By filling it out correctly you will get the correct dues for your membership.



Any rider at a TVR event must wear a 2010 or newer helmet to meet our insurance requirements.


Just wanted to remind everyone that Mylaps transponders are mandatory if you wish to be scored(only on the big track,small track uses manual scoring). The club  will order more if there is a demand. The transponders are ordered from the U.S., therefore the price is contingent on the US dollar.  Anyone needing a new transponder please fill out this form. Due to the strength of the U.S. dollar, the next batch will cost $130 with one year subscription..

Also, to all riders, remember to charge your transponders, racing will be here before we know it.



Fall Promotions

Our newly appointed promotions committee has come up with these class promotions. Be sure to see if you are on the list to make sure you sign up to your correct class. If you are not on the list , sign up in the class that you rode the last time you raced withTVR. 

TVR Club Supporters