This Weekend at Swiona MX Park!
This Sunday will be the first 'TVR 125 /Vintage' event on the 2019 schedule. Sign-in opens at 8am and runs to 9:30am. Mandatory riders meeting at 9:30am with practice starting  immediately following(assuming our flaggers are in place). If you can help out with flagging, fill out this form. You will receive an email with all the information and details about flagging a motocross race. The annual 'Mom's race' will take place on the small track during the big track break . Mom's can sign up at the trailer in the morning. Camping is available for Friday through Sunday for $15/night. With all the rain we've received this spring, the pits are still quite soft so please use caution ( I would say use common sense but I'm afraid that isn't terribly common anymore). Because the pits are soft Jim has asked that there be no pit vehicles at all. That includes golf cart, side by sides ,quads , pick-ups, etc. Leave them at home so you're not tempted. Open practice on Saturday from 11am- 5pm. Let's hope for good weather and good times this weekend!
This weekend at Swiona kicks off the TVR 125 and Vintage series. The 125 is for riders of MX D skill level and up with a 2-stroke bike up to 150cc's with full sized wheels (19 rear, 21 front). The vintage class is open to any rider with 96' model or older bike.

A date has been added to replace our cancelled race at Gopher Dunes on April 14th. Check out the updated schedule (click on the title/link). A 125/Vintage date has been added ! That will make the series 5 events and adds one for the spring!

2019 TVR Membership
If you've been a member in the past check your email (spam folder as well). We've sent out membership renewals that are filled out with your information. Just print them out, sign and initial all the required fields and mail them with the fee  
to Judy  or bring everything to a sign-up day.  If you didn't receive a renewal or if it's incorrect or you're a new member, fill out this form and you will receive a return email with  the filled out application. 

Click on the link above. 
Anyone with a school issued (e.g. TVDSB) e- mail address don't seem to be able to open/download the schedule. Use a different email address.

TVR Fall ‘18 - Spring ‘19 Promotions

If you are on this list, sign up for the class you've been promoted to the next time you enter a TVR race.

Mx Beginner to MX D

Jonah Lockrey

Hunter Giboski

Seth Lennan

Small Wheel Beginner to Small Wheel B

Kyle Murphy

Ty Nahrgang

Landan Dumouchelle

Niko Holmes

Brody Anderson

Small Wheel B to Small Wheel A

Colton Egli

Dylan Rau

Jonathon Arsenio

Ladies Beginner to Ladies A

Shelby Goodhew

MX D to MX C

Jeremy Grisdale

Dawson Marchand

Brayden Langlois

Tristen Lennan

Damon Sanford

MX C to MX B

Mathew Brooks

Wyatt Rock

Reilly Brennan

Spencer Deleye

MX B to MX A

Fenton Wiebe

Tyke Beginner to Tyke B

Kolton Jackson

Kaden Farrell

Tyke B to Tyke A

Hunter Rau

Dayson Donaldson

65 Beginner to 65 B

Joshua Chatterson

65 B to 65 A

Kaiden Vandale      

Vet Beginner to Vet C

John Johnston

Vet C to Vet B

Chad Adams

Max Biagi

Tyler Noblett

                2019 Thames Valley Riders Board of Directors

President - Dan Verhoeven
Treasurer - Ben Abray
Secretary - Judy Burch

Directors - Andy Kerr, Wes Bogart, Dave Lee, Fred Newby, Brandon Rodwell, Jen Tucker 

If you are on this list, sign up for the class you've been promoted to the next time you enter a TVR race.
Dave Lee will meet with small track riders parents Saturday morning after the riders meeting on the small track start line.

2018 Spring to Summer Series Promotions
If you are on this list, sign up for the class you've been promoted to the next time you enter a TVR race.

MX D to MX C

Karol Kysiak #25

Taylar Lightfoot #399

Carter Beange #11

Benjamin Pieprzak #94

MX C to MX B

Eric Crane #66

Eric Kyriazis #298

Brody Dummitt #12

MX Beg. to MX D

Blake Fairbairn #92

Evan Laucek #612

Small Wheel Beg. to SW B

Dylan Rau #313

Brady Wakeham #528

Ryder Vanmeenen #123

Small Wheel B to SW A

Jacob Macdonald #182

Ladies Beg. to Ladies A

Samantha Merrett #59

Mickayla Vollick #276

Vet C to Vet B

Carol Kysiak #25

Vet B to A

Dallas Koncir #134

65 Beg to 65 B

Avery Whitfield#87

Branson Boak#1

Taylor Noblett#923

Rhys Osborne#81

65 B to 65 A

Austin Antoszko  #14

Tyke Beg. to Tyke B

Caleb Vankoughnott #267

Dayson Donaldson #113

Cade Merritt #4

Bryson Verstraeten #22

Preston Jones #723

Hunter Rau #80

Brody laberge #101

Roenan Hiebret #117

Tyke B to Tyke A

Grady Mansfield #750

Spencer Wilson #12

Darien Rice #219

Country Corners 2018 TVR Club Series Sponsor!

TVR is very pleased to announce that Country Corners has stepped up as the series supporter for all 3 series again for 2018!! Members will receive a $50 gift card to spend at Country corners along with their 2018 membership cards. Every flagger(sign up to flag) will get a new 'flagging staff' t-shirt and with a $10 gift card to Country Corners on top of the regular flagging pay. TVR will also benefit from the use of an Argo Avenger Responder to provide the medics transportation to get to down riders quickly and be able to move them safely. These are some of the benefits you will see for yourself at every race!! So go check them out, spend your gift cards and say thanks!
Thank you Country Corners for your generous support again for 2018!!!! 

2018 Thames Valley Riders Board of Directors
President - Dan Verhoeven
Vice President - Nathan Debruyne
Treasurer - Ben Abray
Secretary - Judy Burch

Directors - Wes Bogart, Dave Lee, Fred Newby, Brandon Rodwell, Jen Tucker 


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